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Trenching elephant still a distant dream

Bhubaneswar: In an effort to keep elephants away from the human inhabitants, nearly Rs 10 crore has been spent since 2000 to build a 174km long trench around Chandaka-Dampada sanctuary. The trench however is not fulfilling the desired aim for what it was constructed, thanks to it’s conservation policy.

In many places around the sanctuary there is hardly any sign of the trench, usually dug up to keep the elephants at bay. Also in some places the bushes have so densely covered the trench that it has become difficult for a common man to identify it’s existence. Standing tall in few places, many milestones prefer to tell about their existence only as the boundary of the jungle.

A recent case where carcasses of four elephants were allegedly recovered from inside Similipal sanctuary in Mayurbhanj district speaks volumes about the human access to the big cats’ habitant. Hence timely inspection of the trench for its conservation can only solve the issue.

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