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Ramakanta Biswas

Bhubaneswar: While Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced doorstep delivery of all government services under the 5T initiative and set August, 2020 as the deadline for their full-fledged implementation, questions have been raised on the successful execution of the programmes amid lack of infrastructure in almost all the departments.

According to sources, the government is planning to provide various pension related services and other schemes to the doorstep by engaging common service centres so that people do not have to visit any government offices.

The government has set August 15, 2020 as deadline for the implementation of the initiative with hope that it would bring transparency to the system.

However, questions have been raised on whether the government has adequate infrastructure for the doorstep online delivery system as banking and internet facilities are still a daydream for many rural areas.

Take the example of Dutia Hota, a resident of Ranipur village in Subarnapur district who walks for five km every month to reach their panchayat office at S Patrapali to to draw his old-age pension. Similar is the case of many other elderly beneficiaries of the area who face hardship in drawing their benefits.

“Narrating his ordeal, Hota says, "I often have to depend on motorists to reach the office to draw my pension or else I walk all the way. So it is really difficult at this age."

Citing doubts over the initiative, Opposition political parties have said that despite CM's strong stand, the doorstep delivery scheme will go up in smoke just like the move to stop percentage commission (PC) culture.

On the other  hand, Opposition BJP and Congress strongly criticised the government and questioned why the government had not implemented such schemes since the last 20 years.

“People should ask the government when the PC culture will stop. What does T means, transparency? Why the government is not addressing the pending issues. Why so many people are agitating. I believe all these initiatives are to hoodwink people,” said leader of opposition Pradipta Naik.

Congress MLA Santosh Singh Saluja also echoed similar views and said, “Corruption will never stop under this government. All officials are involved in corruption and ministers are working like servants. I am concerned that the government will destroy the State instead of developing it by resorting to such schemes.”

On the other hand, government chief whip Pramila Mallick said, “The government is making all possible arrangements to bring all the schemes to the doorstep of people without any corruption. People will certainly get good services. Pension, PDS rice and other government schemes will reach people without any hassle."

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