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Parents of babies born on Jan 1 euphoric

Bhubaneswar: It was indeed a special moment for the proud parents of the babies born on first day of the New Year 2011.

Because of the numerical symmetry, many believe children born on 01/01/11 would be blessed but astrologers have their own viewpoints.

As per a section of astrologers, there is no scientific explanation on whether January 1, 2011 is an auspicious day.

Setting aside the assumptions, the parents of the newborns were, however, ecstatic and their happiness knew no bounds. As their babies were born on New Year Day coinciding with magical numbers, the parents are perplexed to name their child justifying the memorable day.

“I am delighted after the birth of my daughter. She has brought much happiness to us. I would groom her and make her a responsible citizen,” a mother Madhuri Barik said.

The hospitals, nursing homes and other health centres burst into celebrations as soon as the babies were born after the ‘zero hour’.

“We definitely plan for a delivery so as to avoid complications. But, we do not plan about timing of birth of a child,” Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Basant Kumar Pati said.

Parents and relatives distributed sweets to express their happiness.

“Coincidentally it happened. I was admitted to hospital after labor pain yesterday. I delivered the baby after cesarean section operation today. I am very happy because this is a very lucky number,” a mother Dr Indira Panda said.

“We are ecstatic as this is our first issue. This apart, the child is born on new year day so we have named him Happy,” a mother Aratimani Pallai said.

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