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Naveen ringleader of the corrupt: Odisha BJP

Bhubaneswar: Armed with Dama Rout’s allegations of various irregularities and scams, the state BJP today released a graphical poster of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik surrounded by other leaders of his party and accused him of being the ringleader of the corrupt.

Releasing the poster in a press conference, BJP Vice-President, Sameer Mohanty said, “Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is avoiding the questions on corruption by terming it as interference in the internal affairs of his party.”

“Do the resources of Odisha belong to BJD and Naveen Patnaik? If they think that nobody can speak about these issues, it is just a daydream. While corruption is rampant, the resources of the state are being looted. If the party members are involved in corruption, how can their leader be clean. It is too much now and for how long can they continue to cheat the people of the state,” said Mohanty.

Similarly, Odisha Congress President, Niranjan Patnaik said, “The Agriculture Minister has accepted sapling scam in the Assembly, but Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik denies it and terms it ridiculous. This means that either the Chief Minister is himself involved in these scams or trying to suppress the facts.”

Countering the allegations made by Mohanty, BJD Spokesperson Pratap Deb said “The BJP should know that the government cannot avoid the allegations of irregularities as they have been debated in the Assembly.  So, the government is going to take action after the completion of the debate over these allegations.”

Deb further said “Other party members have no right to comment about our leader. The people of Odisha will decide whether Naveen Patnaik is on the right or wrong side. Those pointing fingers at us should look at themselves.”

Political Analyst, Prasanna Mohanty, said “Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik terming the allegations of corruption as ridiculous, when it was accepted by the Agriculture Minister, sends a wrong message to the people. The CM will have to face consequences if he goes to the polls with this message.”

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