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Chitgate: Sudipta’s letter hints at

Bhubaneswar: The letter of Sudipta Sen, Chairman and Managing Director of the collapsed Saradha Group, which has dragged Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s wife Nalini Chidambaram and some TMC MPs for their alleged involvement in the fall of the Saradha empire, has revealed a ‘financial scam’ in the state worth crores of rupees.

The 18-page letter which the Saradha boss had reportedly forwarded to the CBI and a copy of which OTV has, brought to fore a financial scam in the state involving some marketing leaders.

“There is a serious part of financial scam in Odisha and most of the marketing leaders have participated in the financial scam and lakhs and crores of rupees has been generated by them for their own gain,” the letter read.

With the fresh scam estimated to be worth Rs 20,000 crore, back-to-back illegal money laundering activities involving companies like Nasir Khan’s Fine Indisales (Rs 500 crore), Ashore Group and Dream Achiever have sent shock waves among lakhs of small depositors in the State.

Meanwhile there are also media reports doing the rounds the involvement of an influential person from the State, who took "no less than Rs 3 crore in cash" over the last three years.

Though the Saradha boss who on Thursday was sent to 14 day judicial custody following his arrest from Kashmir has not mentioned the person’s name in the letter, it is believed Sen revealed person’s identity in the annexure of the letter attached to it.

The primarily chit fund group, which was on a media acquisition spree since 2010 and later forayed into businesses like Travels and Real Estate, also possesses lands in Balasore and Sambalpur districts, the letter stated.  
According to OTV investigation reports, the company has 17 acres of land in Balasore of which it legally possesses 14 acres. But it is yet to be ascertained the land size in Sambalpur which the company claims “not yet registered.”

Regarding the Sambalpur land the letter reads, “60% payment has already been made but the land has not yet been registered and the landlord has agreed to pay the amount they have taken”.

The letter has further established the kingpin’s Odisha links mentioning about Sen's cook Hemanta Kumar Pradhan who was made a director in one of his companies.

Meanwhile the Bishannagar police questioned several middlemen including Hemanta after arresting him from Baliapal in Balasore district few days back.

Sudipta Sen’s ‘investment business’ made its debut in 2006 and took only seven years to form a constellation of 120 business units of which 11 are running in Odisha.

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