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Chilika fails to lure the winged guests

Bhubaneswar: The Chilika Lake is considered to be on of the largest and famous wintering ground on the eastern coast of the Indian sub continent as thousands of birds during winter season migrate to this place every year from far off places of the world.

Birds from the Caspian Sea, Baikal Lake and other remote parts of Russia flock to the Chilika every year during the winter. These migrating birds cover thousands of miles to reach their destination.

But unfortunately there has been a heavy decline in the number of the migratory birds this year, experts confirm.

The decline is believed to be due to the change in environment conditions this year, says S. Balachandran, Assistant Director of Bombay Natural History.

According to Balachandran, “The monsoon got delayed last year, hence the level of water in the lake remained high in December and now it is still high and has not come to an optimal height.”

Generally, these birds feed on the worms and insects from the lake as they rest on its water. But the birds are facing problems as the water level has not decreased to an optimal height yet due to the delay in monsoon last year.

Around 225 species of birds migrate to Chilika every year. But such change in the environment conditions has adversely affected the migrating birds this year.

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