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CM Naveen has ‘fake followers’ on Twitter: BJP

Bhubaneswar: Raising questions on the authenticity of Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik’s popularity on social media, BJP today alleged that the CM’s twitter account has ‘Ghost followers.’

At a press conference, BJP general secretary Bhrugu Baxipatra targeted Naveen Patnaik for misleading public by inflating the number of his followers on Twitter.

According to Baxipatra, fake followers are being created through a software as there were nearly 5,979 ghost followers out of the total 6,165 people who followed Patnaik in the month of July and August.

Naveen had set up his twitter handle in 2015 and a total of 674K people are following him.

As per BJP allegations, that the number of followers was limited to 1.5 lakh till June 2017 and his Twitter handle saw a surge of nearly 5 lakh followers within a span of 54 days.

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BJP has further alleged that Naveen Patnaik’s twitter handle –‘Naveen_Odisha’ has added 9,000 followers per day in July-August period this year in comparison to 2.5 posts per day. It was about 100 followers per day before July 2017.

These ghost followers neither have tweeted for a single time nor are they following any other celebrity or politician, added BJP.

“CM Naveen Patnaik is misleading youths through fabricated information. We have found nearly 6,500 such fake accounts in our survey,” said Baxipatra.

“We all know that Naveen Patnaik’s popularity has grown and there is nothing unusual in the rise of his twitter followers. It seems that BJP is now shocked after Patnaik won the best administrator award recently,” said BJD leader Amar Satpathy.

Satpathy further said that BJP is trying to malign Naveen Patnaik and making baseless allegations without any evidence.

IT Minister Chandra Sarathi Behera on the other hand stated that, “A lot of pro-people programmes have led to the rise in Twitter followers of CM Naveen Patnaik.”

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