Yana Gupta turns writer, pens book on health

New Delhi: Model Yana Gupta has donned the writer`s hat and has come out with a book on fitness tips and health and wellness.

For some years, the Czech Republic-born Yana has been suffering from chronic eating disorder, despite being a fitness freak.

In "How To Love Your Body And Get The Body You Love", she reveals how she put all this behind her and evolved a unique approach to health and wellness.

"I was being repeatedly asked by various friends to give them fitness tips to lose weight. Whenever I started talking about the subject, I noticed how much I enjoyed it, I could just go on and on, it inspired me. So one day it just came to me that I should write it all down as a book as I was anyway already writing bits and pieces and emailing it to friends," she tells about her book, published by Penguin.

Yana, who started her career as a singer and came to India when she was 21, if one is working in the entertainment and showbiz industry, one has to be in shape or else the job will go to someone else.

"That puts us all quite under lot of pressure. At the same time, we travel all the time and eat on the sets, where the food is not the healthiest so if one is serious about maintaining their figure and eating healthy too, he/she has to ultimately set up some system of either preparing food at home in the morning and carrying it to the shoot or having someone bring it for you."

"You can surely eat outside food and still be in a great shape, but I wouldn`t say you`d be really healthy inside. It`s difficult to get the right balance of all essential nutrients from eating outside food. I carry the food for the day with me pretty much every day," Yana, who featured in the item song `Babuji` in the film "Dum," told PTI.

Yana Gupta says after entering the modelling industry when she was 16 years old, she started getting worried that she would put on weight if she ate normal food like others and then lose work.

"So I would always diet, restrain myself from eating normal food which ultimately brought the other extreme, occasional over eating and binging. This is how I got out of balance and became quite fearful of food and obsessed with diet foods."

Yana is not, however, averse to cooking. "My way of cooking is very simple, I generally just steam stuff and use sauces and spices for flavouring. I really love the taste of food like this and it requires no time for preparation too. But I do plan to get into some serious cooking one day in future, when I have someone else to cook for (a family) and more time to do it . My favorite dishes are dosa with tons of coconut chutney, lamb masala, fish tikka and healthy types of whole wheat bread sandwiches," she says.