Will not utter a single word against Guv: BSY

Bangalore: After a running battle with the Governor for a week for recommending President`s Rule in Karnataka, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa on Tuesday softened his stand on H R Bhardwaj, saying he would not utter a "single word" against him and would respect the gubernatorial post.

He also ruled out seeking a vote of confidence in the Legislative assembly, which commences on June two, asserting that the BJP government led by him enjoyed "maximum majority".

A week after Bhardwaj sent his "special report" triggering a political war in the state, the Centre rejected it on Sunday.

Till yesterday, the Chief Minister maintained that the agitation in the state demanding Bhardwaj`s recall by the Centre would continue.

When reporters sought his reaction on the Centre ruling out the recall of the Governor, he said, "Henceforth…on the issue of Governor…..our (BJP) Central leaders have already said. I will not utter a single word against him".

But he said the party`s state unit is "independent" and is free to do (agitation against the Governor) as it feels right from the point of "organisational and different" reasons and "they have full freedom".

Asked if it`s possible to have a working relationship with the Governor after what happened in the past one week, the Chief Minister said: "So long as he sits in that (Governor`s) chair, we have to give respect. I will conduct my self accordingly."

Yeddyurappa said the question of his seeking a trust vote does not arise.

When pointed out that the then J H Patel government had on its own sought a vote of confidence, Yeddyurappa said "The government headed by me enjoys maximum majority and so there is no need to prove majority again".

To a question, he said the State government has not received any advisory from the Centre. "Nothing has come".

He said the week-long political crisis had no impact on development and other progressive works and it was business as usual, with he along with ministers attending office and discharging their duties.

Yeddyurappa said he did not undergo any mental strain following the crisis, adding he is more active than before and charged up to do more work.