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What employers look for in potential employees

Washington: It seems your boss was right while hiring you, for a new study has found that communication skills, critical thinking skills and writing skills are three key qualities which most employers look for in a job seeker.

Researchers at Oklahoma State University have based their findings on an analysis of over 450 employers -they found that the above three are the crucial attributes most employers value while hiring a potential employee.

In the study, the researchers asked the subjects which signals best show the five attributes tested – number crunching ability, character, communication skills, problem solving skills, and ability to work in a team.

The findings revealed that internships and majors related to the job were highly rated signals, as well as foreign language skills and interviewing skills. And though excellent grades were not ranked as high as other skills and experiences, they are still important.

"Each student should strategically acquire accomplishments and qualifications which are both valued by employers and consistent with the student`s preferences, goals and talents," said Bailey Norwood, the study`s lead author.

Norwood added that grades, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, internships, and awards speak for an individual as a whole.

However, he said the study has limitations.

"It is important not to allow summaries of survey statistics obscure the fact that each employer is different, and there is no one perfect college graduate," he said.

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