Rashmi Ranjan

Couples across the globe celebrated Valentine’s Day earlier this month to express their love for their special ones. Many of them also went the extra mile to make their partner feel special on the day.

But, recently a video of a couple has surfaced on the internet which clearly shows the Valentine’s Day celebration has not gone well with the duo.

In the viral video, a girl can be seen sitting on a parked bike while his partner is trying to get closer to which she resists.

It seems, the man does not like the restriction and makes second attempt to get closer to his partner forcibly, but ended up in fighting with each other. 

Irate over the move, the boy first pushed the girl and punched her thrice in her face to which the girl retaliated strongly. She even exchanged blows on the face of the boy.

Though it is not clear whether the fight broke out on Valentine’s Day or not, it is believed that it might have happened on that day as the video surfaced on February 15.

The video has so far garnered more than 1 lakh views, more than 350 retweets and over 2500 likes.