Cassian Baliarsingh

An adorable video of a Muslim woman singing the famous qawwali ‘Kanhaiya, Yaad Hai Kuchh Bhi Hamaari’ as an ode to Lord Krishna is breaking cultural barriers and uniting people regardless of their religion, language and origin.

Wajiha Ather Naqvi shared a video of herself singing Nawab Sadiq Jung Bahadur Hilm’s famous kalam ‘Kanhaiya’ that has taken the internet by storm. The video shows Wajiha sitting on a sofa and beautifully singing the qawwali ‘Kanhaiya’.

Sharing the video, Wajiha wrote, “On the eve of Ramzan and in the heart of empire- overjoyed to be able to sing Nawab Sadiq Jung Bahadur Hilm’s famous kalam ‘Kanhaiya’ holding his original diwan from late 19th century Hyderabad, Deccan which includes specific musical instructions for this poem!” 

She further wrote, “Kanhaiya is an ode to Krishna and is also a metaphor for the Holy Prophet as was common in the Indo-Persian literary tradition of South Asia. It continues to be performed by the Qawwal Bachche and from whom I had the privilege of learning first-hand.”

Since being shared online, the video is being loved by one and all and has garnered over 101.2K views. 

“How beautiful and how fortunate you are to hold that in your hands,” commented a user. (sic)

Another user wrote, “The rendition of ‘Kanhaiya’ by the famous qawwal brothers Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad is among my favourites. Great to hear you singing this. Please release a studio-recorded version soon.” (sic)

“Heart and mind soothing to hear this early in the morning. Keep uniting communities. All bless you,” wrote another user. (sic)