Rashmi Ranjan

Internet is a place where you can find videos of all kinds. From comedy to pranks to bizarre videos, internet houses videos of all genres.

Recently, a video of a couple locking their lips on a moving train while risking their lives has surfaced on the internet. 

In the viral video, a boy can be seen leaning out of the door of a moving train while it passes through a picturesque location. In the next frame, the girl comes out of the door and bends on the boy to draw a kiss.

The video has so far garnered more than 32000 likes.

As soon as the video surfaced on the internet, it garnered mixed responses from users.

Raising concern, one user wrote, “kr Bhai.... Mat daal aisi video... Ab sab nibba nibbi chaalu padenge... Or girna ka risk bhi bht h” while another user wrote, “I don't know if I am unromantic or getting old...but what I am see is the great danger they have put themselves in....

“Radheshyam movie ka scene recreat ho rha h,” a third user commented.

“But mummy ne gate pe khade rehne ke liye mana Kiya he,” wrote another user.