Poonam Singh

Bride and groom are the most important part of the wedding. However, apart from them another person without whom the Hindu marriage couldn’t be solemnised is the priest or pandit ji. He is the one who conducts the marriage as per rituals and traditions. While every priest has his own way of doing things and reciting mantras, recently a video on social media has gone viral due to a panditji’s hilarious way of chanting the mantras.

The video has been shared on Instagram by an account named, rajasthan_ri_saaan.

The viral video shows a bride and groom sitting on the wedding mandap with their relatives surrounding them. As soon as the elderly Panditji who is conducting the wedding starts chanting mantras in his own style, it leaves everyone in splits.  No one could understand what he was saying while reciting the mantras

In the video going viral on the internet, you can see that the bride and groom are sitting in the mandap and many guests are present around. Only then the elderly Panditji starts chanting in his own style.No one could understand what he was reciting the mantras. But his mantra recitation forced everyone at the mandap burst into laughter.

However, due to the seniority of his age nobody could say him anything. The bride and groom also could not control their laugh due to which they bowed their heads down and were seen laughing. 

The panditji’s hilarious antic left netizens in splits and they wondered what the panditji was reciting. One of the users commented, “Mat bulao ye baba ko ye mantr Kam kuchh aur hi bol raha hai,” while another one wrote, “Pandit ko current to nahi lag gaya kahi.”  A third user wrote, “hamari samjh me kuch nahi aa raha hai pandit ji”

The video has grabbed 2.6 million views and over 59K likes so far.