UPA government has neglected Dalits: BJP

Shimla: BJP's Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Morcha on Sunday accused the UPA government of "ignoring Dalits and of being insincere in implementing schemes and policies for the welfare of the community".

"The UPA government neglected the dalits, did not prepare a plan of action for their speedy development and miserably failed to implement the plans and schemes prepared for upliftment of theses classes."

"It is because of the bias of Congress and UPA against dalits that they still remain to be poor, deprived and underprivileged even after 65 years of Independence," the Morcha's President Dushyant Gautam alleged on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters here, Gautam claimed the community was better off in BJP-ruled states since the governments there had prepared novel schemes for education and employment of Dalits and implemented the reservations in true spirit.

Expecting overwhelming support from the community to BJP in the upcoming Himachal Pradesh assembly polls, Gautam said the state BJP government had not only taken a series of measures for upliftment of Dalits but also earmarked 25 per cent of the budget under the scheduled caste component plan.