Two rare vulture species sighted in Rajasthan

Baran: In a good news for environmentalists, two rare species of vulture were reportedly sighted in Rajasthan`s Baran district.

"Two rare vulture species — white ramped and long billed — were sighted in large numbers on the banks of Villasi river in Kishangang and Kraye river in Shabad respectively," SDM Muktanand Agrawal said here on Tuesday.

According to environmentalist Vittal Sanadhaya, vulture population has diminished rapidly across the country in the last decade.

The species is on the verge of extinction and in Rajasthan it is found in small number in some areas in Kota and Bundi districts, he said.

"The recently found colonies of vultures in Baran is a good news and there is a need to develop a new vulture hub in the region for their conservation," Sanadhaya said.

About five species of vultures were found in Hadautti region previously but most of them have disappeared from the forests in the last decade, he said.