Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Age is not a barrier for people who are lively and love to enjoy life to the fullest. There are several instances of commoners who have set examples by breaking the stereotypes. Lately, with the growth of social media platforms, several videos have surfaced on the internet that shows the lively people who break the barriers. Their approach towards life turns them into internet sensations overnight.

Recently, one such video surfaced on social media that shows a middle-aged couple dancing their hearts out in traditional attire. 

The couple hailing from Kerala set the dance stage on fire. The energy, fun, and enthusiasm of the middle-aged couple will certainly win anyone’s heart.

Jisha Davis shared the video of the couple on Instagram. She captioned her post, “Appachan Amma crossed 1.5 Million yeyy.” 

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As seen in the video, the couple grooves to a Malayalam song 'Munthiri Padam' from Kochi Rajavu.

The man is wearing a mundu and a yellow shirt while his wife has donned a light colour saree with golden embroidery. The couple is dressed in their traditional attire while performing at a marriage event. 

The couple dances joyfully to the upbeat music and their expressions have won the hearts of netizens. 

Among all the comments of appreciation, what will draw attention the most is the comment of their daughter. 

Jisna Sabu, the couple’s daughter said that her father used to perform at a lot of art festivals and has rekindled it now that he is in his 50s. 

"Parents on Stage... Appachan and amma. Happy to sew this comments. Appachan kore dance kalikumayirunnu kalolsavagalil... But in his 50s he noticed and appreciated... Knowledge and skills will always recognise. Proof," her comment read.

By now, the clip has garnered over 2 million views.