Cassian Baliarsingh

In yet another shocking incident of mid-air scuffle, a flight attendant was allegedly molested by two ‘drunk’ passengers on-board Delhi-Patna IndiGo flight. Even worse, the two passengers also allegedly abused and assaulted the captain of the flight, reports said.

The incident reportedly occurred on January 8 , Sunday, on IndiGo flight 6E-6386 which reached Patna from Delhi at 8:55 pm. The drunken passengers were relatives of Bihar-based ruling party, said media reports.

According to reports, the two passengers had have alcohol in Delhi and were totally drunk when they boarded the flight. Soon after entering the flight, they started to bully one another and created ruckus, annoying other flyers.

The flight attendant tried to pacify the two and maintain dignity inside the flight, but the two allegedly started abusing her and even touched her inappropriately.

When the captain of the flight intervened, the two claimed to be connected to the national head of the ruling party in Bihar and attacked him. The two were arrested after the flight reached Patna, latest reports said. 

Based on a complaint by the captain of the flight, police have registered a case and launched a probe in this connection.

Frequent incidents of mid-air scuffle have become a matter of concern. A day back, a Mumbai-based businessman was arrested on the charges of peeing on an elderly woman. 

Similarly, a video of a passenger shouting at an air-hostess and the latter standing up for herself and her fellow colleague had also gone viral.