Cassian Baliarsingh

While people say there is no age bar to finding love, there’s always some reservation when it comes to a woman getting married for the second time. However, a young woman has broken all the stereotypes and arranged the second marriage of her 50-year-old widowed mother. Social media users also joined the bandwagon and sent best wishes to her girl’s mother.

The heartwarming story is from Shillong city of India’s Meghalaya.

According to AajTak, Debarti Chakravorty was only 2-year-old while her mother Moushumi Chakravorty was just 25-year-old when she lost her father due to brain hemorrhage. Her father was a famous doctor in Shillong.

Following her father’s death, her uncle took over their property and forced them out of their house.  With no other option, Debarti moved to her maternal grandmother’s house with her mother.

Now, Debarti is a 27 year old grown up freelance talent manager in Mumbai while her mother is 50-year-old and used to live in Shillong itself. Now, a grown up Debarti understood the plight of her mother who led a lonely life after her father’s death and wanted her to find a life partner. She pursued her mother for second marriage, but the 50-year-old did not entertain her daughter’s idea due to society norms. 

However, Debarti finally succeeded in convincing her mother and got her married to a man identified as Swapan from West Bengal. She made sure that the marriage was a memorable event and her mother experienced all the joy.

Swapan is also 50-year-old and was unmarried till now. He has happily accepted Debarti’s mother as his wife and takes care of her. 

A happy and overjoyed Debarti shared her heartwarming story and said, “I knew my mother was often lonely. So, I convinced her to get married. It took a lot of time for convincing her, but she finally agreed.” 

“My mother is very happy now. Earlier she used to get irritated soon over anything but now she is happy and that is what matters,” she added.