Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a Gurugram-based engineer with two wives has reportedly prepared a ‘schedule’ for himself to spend time equally with both his spouses.

Each of the wives enjoys a period of three days each week while the man has kept Sunday to himself to have some quality me time. The bizarre incident has been reported from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

According to a report in Times Now, the engineer working in Gurugram married his first wife Seema in 2018. The couple has a son and lived together in Gurugram. However, during the pandemic, the man decided to drop off his wife and son at her parent’s house.

However, as the lockdown continued, the man had to live alone while Seema was with her parents. During this time, the man grew close to one of his colleagues and the couple decided to move in together.

While his first wife Seema remained unaware of the affair while living at her parent’s house, the man continued to live with his colleague and soon they became parents to a baby girl. Later, he secretly married her during the lockdown. After learning about her husband’s extramarital affairs, Seema registered a case against him.

The couple went through counseling and had several arguments over the issue. However, with no other option, the couple decided to figure out another way and finally came to a settlement.

As per the settlement, the man spends three days each with the two wives and their kids. He has kept Sunday to himself to have some quality me time. He also has given two separate apartments for both the women in Gurugram.