Cassian Baliarsingh

It is rightfully said that ‘Dads are superheroes’ and one doesn’t need a special occasion like Father’s Day to express gratitude and acknowledge their vital roles. They are the pillar of strength for their kids and can go to any length for their children.

Meet Dave from Canada who lost 78kg (172lbs) for his little daughter. Losing weight isn’t an easy job and is one of the most challenging journeys. But, a little conversation with his daughter in a playground motivated him to lose 78kg weight. 

Sharing his story, Dave took to Twitter and wrote, “Five years ago, my daughter who was four years old wanted to race home from the playground. At almost 400lbs and half a muscle in my left leg from an incident, I said, ‘I’m sorry you know dad can’t run.’

“The look of sadness lit a fire in me like never before. Today I’ve lost 172lbs, we race all the time, we box together, we go to the gym together, when I take her to a play center I don’t have to watch from the couches.”

“Find Your Reason,” he concluded.

Dave’s story has left the internet in awe of his love for his daughter. Since being shared online, his tweet has garnered over 3.9M views with 32.6K likes, 1,036 retweets and 168 quote tweets.

“What a great story. That you are so active with your daughter, showing her the healthy way to live is spectacular. You so deserve the new life you have given both of you. Nice Job!” wrote a fan.

Another user wrote, “Congratulations man, I need that same type of inspiration. Way to go Dave!”

“This is great to see instead of the other stuff flying around Twitter. So nice to see an example of how perseverance, dedication and hard work can bring about positive change. Best wishes to you and your family,” commented another user.