Cassian Baliarsingh

When Martine Patey, a British woman bus driver started her day, she wasn’t sure what the day held for her. But one thing’s for sure, she didn’t know she would have to give a ride to a very special passenger – a sheep.

The amusing event of Patey giving a bus ride to a sheep has now taken over social media after Brighton & Hove Buses, the company she works for, shared her story on Instagram.

According to the Instagram post, Patey spotted the sheep running around and causing havoc for passing cars on the road. Animal lover Patey immediately decided to pull over and help the lost sheep out of the road and into safety.

After a little effort and help from two motorists, Patey was able to hold the sheep and give it a brief trip on the bus until the owner arrived and it was safely returned to his truck. Patey then resumed her journey and interestingly she arrived only one minute late at her next destination.

Sharing Patey’s story, Brighton Hove Buses wrote, “One ticket to the farm, please! Ewe won’t believe it! Have you herd? This week, driver Martine Patey rescued a sheepish looking passenger from the A27.”

In the picture, we can see a smiling Patey clicking a selfie with the sheep and her beautiful story is being loved by one and all on the internet.

“You guys are amazing. I knew you were friendly, but sheep friendly is love,” commented a user. Another user wrote, “I Just love this,” while another user hilariously wrote, “That is a lazy sheep, taking the bus!”

The story of Patey and the sheep is now going viral with likes and comments increasing every second on the post.