Another incident of a drunk air passenger allegedly urinating on a blanket of a female passenger on an Air India flight has come out.

The incident was reported on Air India flight 142 on the Paris-Delhi sector last month but penal action was not initiated, following an apology and mutual compromise.

Sources said that the matter was reported to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport and subsequently, the male passenger was apprehended.

The flight landed at nearly 9.40 a.m. at Delhi and the airport security was informed about the issue that the male passenger was under the influence of alcohol and he was not following the instructions of the cabin crew, and he later urinated on a blanket of an onboard woman passenger.

Sources said that the woman passenger had initially made a written complaint, however, she refused to file a police case and the passenger was allowed to go by the airport security after he cleared immigration and customs formalities.

According to sources, the male passenger was brought to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) as soon as he deboarded the plane. However, he was later allowed to go after a mutual compromise between the two passengers.

This is another incident which took place just over a week after the November 26 incident where a man allegedly urinated on a female co-passenger onboard a New York-Delhi Air India flight.

Meanwhile, aviation regulator DGCA has received responses from Air India on the incident of Mumbai-based businessman urinating on a female co-passenger on board an AI flight on November 26 last year. As per sources, the airline has said that its internal committee has obtained the necessary documentation and held its first hearing and the alleged perpetrator has requested for additional documents prior to a second hearing scheduled for January 10.