Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

During the cold days in winters, many have a tendency to avoid baths. Such people prefer to stay away from cold water even for cleaning their faces. Social media platforms are the hub of funny videos related to the fear of cold water and winters. 

If you are one such person who is afraid of bathing in winter, you can easily relate the ‘pain and suffering’. Bachelors staying away from their families easily find an excuse to avoid taking a bath. But, those who stay with their families may not find a reason every day to stay away.

However, here we bring a video in which the video creator explains the reasons why you shouldn’t take bath every day. Hopefully, you may show this video to your family and skip your bathing schedule.

The video starts with the girl saying, “Those people who don’t like to bath, this information is very important for them.”

“People who bath regularly in winters, it is harmful for them and their skin. Our skin gets drier due to the dry weather. The natural oil our body releases due to the cold weather, it gets washed away when one baths every day,” she adds.

Further, she also went on to add, “The good bacteria, which are good for our immunity, it perishes with bathing regularly. So, the doctors suggest, one should bath two or three times in a week during the winters.”

Well, though there is no scientific explanation behind the claims made in this video, it has invited hilarious comments from netizens.

One user wrote, “Mummy ko dikha deta hoon ye video,” while another wrote, “Mai to pure saal me ek baar nhata hu.” Another user commented, “Hafte ya mahine me ek baar nhane se kitna fayda hoga.”

(Note: This story is just meant for enjoyment. We don't support the claims made in the video.)