Cassian Baliarsingh

A cute little girl has become a social media sensation and is winning hearts online after she stood up for her mother against her father’s bad temper. The courageous girl advised her father not to come home in a bad mood and vent his anger on her mother.

“Don’t shout at mother. What makes you think you can yell at my mother when you are in a bad mood?” the little girl was quoted as saying by South China Morning Post. A video of the whole incident has now been going viral on social media, prompting netizens to praise the little girl for her courage to tell off her father.

In the viral video, the family can be seen eating dinner together and the girl is talking to her father who is sitting across from her at the table. She calmly tells him that he should not come home with a bad temper due to work because it is upsetting everyone in the family.

“We have to look at your face. We remain silent. We are kids, and we are scared of you,” she says adding, “We know you work very hard. Who doesn’t? Doesn’t my mother also work hard?”

With no reply, the father silently listens to his daughter’s advice as she continues to lecture him.

“We can talk properly. We are not enemies,” she reassures.

The little’s girl maturity and lovely conversation with her father has become a hit online among netizens who are now in awe of her.

“I want an adorable sweet little girl like her,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “She is so adorable.”

“Every little girl is the princess of her father. The grump father has been left speechless, hahaha,” quipped another netizen.