‘The Play’ centres round English theatre in Kolkata: Mumtaj

Kolkata: From magic on stage to Shakespearean drama, young, upcoming Bengali actor Mumtaj Sorcar says she is struck by stage acting bug ever since the shoot of new Bengali flick The Play.

"With the film revolving round an English drama troupe, I got into the skin of the character, who is one of the pivots of the group. As we shot the celluloid rehearsal scenes of the fictional group, I felt why cant I explore this medium as well in real life," Mumtaj told PTI here.

"I had been hooked to English theatre once. Kolkata has a healthy, thriving tradition of Shakespearean theatre. So I can now experience it from the other side," the Aschorjo Pradip actor said during dubbing of the upcoming film at a city studio.

"My interest and passion for acting grew as I shared frame with a personality like Rajesh Sharma, a veteran actor and an extraordinary theatre artist in The Play" Mumtaj said.

On acting in different mediums, the Bhooter Bhabisyot star said, "Every single form of art is different. That is known and clear to everybody. As a performer my job is to give the best shot every where.

"If there is no chance of re-take on stage, there is also the urge to give a perfect shot which may run into hours and after many NGs, to give the best expression," she said.

Mumtaj, who turned up as a super-model in Anik Dutta's Aschorjo Prodip, said "I had full faith in Anik Dutta, a family friend we know since my childhood. I call him uncle."

"And if the script demands, and if there is a director you feel comfortable to work with, you can certainly wear dresses as I did in some sequences in Aschorjo Prodip," she said.

"But I will not do such scenes with each and every director as I should have confidence about the way he treat the shots while editing. Only people known to me or those I feel at ease to work with," she reasoned.

Directed by Ranojoy Chatterjee, 'The Play' will be released by next month.

About her role in 'Meghe Dhaka Tara', capturing a particular phase of mercurial film maker Ritwik Ghatak's life when he was shooting the classic Supriya Devi-starrer, Mumtaj said "I was never bogged down by the thought that I am portraying Supriya Devi on screen.