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The dream to basket: Catch them young

Cuttack: Summer days are on. Scorching sun has compelled the schools to run classes in the morning. So evening time is reserved for sporting activities. Some other sports enthusiasts and promoters have however different ideas. Catch them young is their mantra. Hence some basketball promoters have organised a summer camp for school children in Cuttack city.

Over 50 school children, both boys and girls are participating in the camp. They all have a dream. To represent the country in the game. To become Michael Jordans or Magic Hohnsons. The basketball court at the Barabati stadium is thronged by these tiny tots around four in the afternoon. A little bit of warm up practices first and then starts the real coaching for the dreamers.

The coach D P Irani is equally is baffled at the enthusiasm of the school students. Both boys and girls. The basket might be placed on a board hanging at an height of at least fourth times of their height still all keep struggling to put the ball into the net. The court reverberates with words like block..foul…time out…The sound of the whistle of the coach D P Irani sends currents into the children. You would feel as if the kids have spring in their legs.

The parents too enjoy the moments. They have made up their mind to drop and pick up the kids from the ground. The enthusiastic coach dreams of building up a great basketball team comrising of such talents in the future. There is hence an equal stress on physical fitness and food.

It is a free training camp. No fee or donations is required for joining the camp. The only criteria is interest in the game. Naturally, everybody is happy. The children as well as their parents.

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