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Stuffcool's smallest 35 W charger will solve all your charging problems. It is smaller, cheaper and much better with a futuristic build-up design. Stuffcool Pico's Type-C charger is a top-notch technical product made in India.

The new PicoPro Type-C charger from Stuffcool is better than the rest. Though the mini charger is quite small, it is built to withstand a shitload and is extremely fast!

Ability to charge almost any electronic device: The smallest 35 W GaN wall charger is equipped with PI PowiGaN (the future technology), which can be used to charge PPS (power play stations), Pixels including 6/6 Pro, 7/7 Pro, MacBook M1/M2, Samsungs and other androids as well as iPhones too! Furthermore, other devices, such as laptops, tablets, AirPods and other phones, can be charged with it.

PI-Designed Charger: The super technological brand, Stuffcool, proudly shares that it has partnered with Power Integration (PI), one of the leading chip manufacturers worldwide. PI creates chargers for well-known multinational companies like Apple and Anker.

35-Watt GaN for rapid charging: It makes use of gallium nitride (GaN) technology, which enables it to deliver incredibly rapid charging in a compact size. The Pico Pro has a single Type-C port and can output 35 W. A versatile, portable and universal fast charger, the Pico Pro supports both PD and PPS supercharging standards.

Better than Apple: The mini Stuffcool charger also outperforms the Apple charger. It provides 35W charging, but the genuine Apple's 30W USB adapter, which costs 3800 rs, provides just 30W charging even after being three times bigger and costing three times as much!

Available in different colours: It comes in three super cool colours: white, light blue, and purple. 

It is available on Amazon and Stuffcool.com. at Rs. 1,999! Your charging issues will all be fixed with just one little charger! So why waste your precious and hard-earned money buying branded and expensive adapters when you can charge your devices with the latest technology.