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Telegram app is coming up with new features for its users. Some elements rolled over telegram are also on WhatsApp as well. Users don’t need a sim card to log in or sign up with the telegram app. Here is the list of all features coming to the app - 

Deletion of chats becomes easier - 
Users will now have the option to set an auto-delete timer to delete messages in all new chats. “The timer will be automatically applied to all your new chats with users, regardless of who starts them and to all new groups you create,” said telegram.

No sim card is needed to sign-up the app - 
Now the telegram app allows users to log in without a sim card. Previously telegram had a feature that users had the option to hide their phone numbers. “You can have a Telegram account without a SIM card and log in using a blockchain-powered anonymous number available on the Fragment platform,” said the company.

Topics feature for groups - 
The topic feature is now available for groups of 100 members or more. This topic feature allows the admin to create different sections for discussing a specific subject. 

Aggressive mode to avoid fraud and spam - 
To ensure user security and privacy admins with over 200 members can choose to turn on the Aggressive mode for the automated spam filters.

Emoji search comes to iOS on telegram - 
iPhone users can now search emojis on telegram, this feature is already available on androids. Using keywords in multiple languages to find the perfect emoji for a chat.

Check detailed storage for Android users - 
Telegram now shows how much space a single chat is using on your phone. Telegram redesigned the Storage Usage page on android. 

Temporary QR code comes on telegram app - 
If you don't want to share your phone number and if you don't have a username users can generate a QR code to scan. “Scanning the code will let people instantly add you as a contact without knowing your phone number”, says telegram.

These are telegram's new features now you can use the app with more security.