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  • Mom's bank account reduced to Rs 5 as daughter spends Rs 52 lakh on mobile games

Mom's bank account reduced to Rs 5 as daughter spends Rs 52 lakh on mobile games

A 13-year-old girl in China drained her family's savings of 449,500 yuan through online gaming, highlighting the dangers of gaming addiction and the need for parental guidance.

Credit: CanvaMom's bank account reduced to Rs 5 as daughter spends Rs 52 lakh on mobile games

Gaming addiction is a serious problem with significant consequences when it goes out of control.

A recent incident in China illustrates the alarming impact of this addiction on individuals and their families. 

In just four months, a 13-year-old girl managed to exhaust her family's entire savings, which amounted to a shocking 449,500 yuan (approximately Rs 52,19,809), due to her excessive online gaming.

As per the South China Morning Post's report, this particular incident unravelled when the young girl's teacher became aware of her conspicuous indulgence in mobile phone usage during school hours.

Concerned about possible gaming addiction, the teacher informed the girl's mother.

Fearing the worst, the mother decided to investigate by checking the family's bank account.

The account balance was a mere 0.5 yuan (around Rs 5).

In a heart-wrenching video that went viral, the mother tearfully shared pages of bank statements, highlighting numerous payments made for mobile games.

When confronted by her father, the girl finally admitted to her actions.

She revealed that she had spent a staggering 120,000 yuan (approximately Rs 13,93,828) on game purchases and an additional 210,000 yuan (about Rs 24,39,340) on in-game transactions.

Shockingly, she had also used an additional 100,000 yuan (around Rs 11,61,590) to buy games for at least 10 of her classmates.

The girl explained that, despite her reluctance and fear, she had paid for her classmates' games.

Her limited understanding of money and its value significantly contributed to her impulsive behaviour.

The incident has ignited a heated debate among netizens on Chinese social media platforms regarding the allocation of responsibility in such a distressing situation.

Some argue that, at 13 years old, the girl should have been aware of the consequences of her actions.

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