Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Now, people are at the stage of ending this year since December has begun. The holiday season is in full swing, with school and college holidays, Christmas, and New Year breaks in many workplaces worldwide.

Everyone has planned their vacations to enjoy and explore new places. This time also marks the busiest season for the hotel industry and airlines, resulting in increased airfares and hotel room rates.

Despite the higher demand, there are practical tips to help you find deals and discounts on air tickets. 

Here are eight such tips and tricks:

Flight Plugins

Google Chrome supports third-party plugins that monitor live flight fares and notify users of potential price drops. Some good plugins to consider are Flight Fare Compare and CheaperThere.

Coupon Code

Microsoft Edge's built-in coupon feature streamlines the process of saving money. It alerts users to available coupons when visiting a retailer's site, accessible by clicking on the blue shopping tag in the address bar. At checkout, users can apply codes manually or let Microsoft Edge automatically test and apply them for maximum savings.

Microsoft Edge Features

Microsoft Edge goes further by facilitating price comparisons when searching for tickets. It provides a list of prices from competing websites with direct links for user convenience. If the current price is already the lowest, Microsoft Edge offers this assurance, simplifying the shopping process.

Google AI Tools

Google offers flight price tracking, notifying users about the cheapest price available for a particular flight. With AI integration, Google can also advise you on the right time to buy a ticket for a specific destination. Enable this feature while searching for flight tickets using Google Flights and check for additional details.

Delete Cookies

Airlines and online ticket booking platforms monitor users' search patterns using cookies. To mitigate this, consistently use Incognito mode or regularly delete cookies.

Choose Daytime

Flights during the daytime are usually cheaper than nighttime flights. It is recommended to opt for daytime flights for more budget-friendly options.

Bank Offer

Many banks offer travel cards with additional deals and discounts on booking flight tickets. These cards may also provide more loyalty points for added benefits.

Loyalty Programs

Most airlines have some form of loyalty program. Collecting these points can lead to discounted tickets or even free tickets. Consider joining these programs to make the most of your travel experiences.