Tantriks hired to detect witchcraft practitioners arrested

Berhampur: Seven self-styled tantriks, hired by villagers to detect "witchcraft practitioners" were arrested on Thursday from Ganjam district, police said.

Police also seized cash around Rs 54,600 and several other materials they used to detect "witchcrafts" from Hatikhala.

The villagers however gheroed the police station demanding release of the arrested persons as they had hired the tantriks from Nayagarh district, to detect "witchcraft practitioners" in the village.

Police said the tantriks used "khaat vidya" (using a cot) to detect black magic users in the village for the last two days.

During March, two persons were killed and 18 injured when police opened fire at Phasiguda village at a mob which allegedly attacked four persons in the village branding them "witch".