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Swedish composer hooks on to Veena, Sitar

New Delhi: Veena and sitar are current favourites of Swedish music composer Magnus Birgersson who has taught himself the "mesmerising" traditional Indian instruments to add to his electronic sonic universe.

"I am teaching myself to play Veena and Sitar. The sound of both the instruments is mesmerizing and am hooked to them," the musician who was in the capital recently told PTI.

Multi-instrumentalist Birgersson who goes by the stage name "Solar Fields" says his music "is much more than sound" and "somewhat similar to the intense sun rays reflecting on earth that can be seen and felt."

"Music for me is an emotional feeling which I try to reflect in my creations. Music is visual for me, I see what I create and hear," says Birgersson.

"Even my stage name Solar Fields expresses the kind of music I relate to and create" says the musician.

The Swede`s love for Indian musical instruments made him land in India as he says he wanted to explore much more about the country from where these instruments came from.

"I wanted to explore India and came here. I am excited about my gigs in India. I hope people here enjoy my music," said Birgersson who gave his debut performance at "Lodi-The Garden Restaurant" recently and found the country "amazing".

"I have come to India for the first time and it has been amazing" he says.

Fluent with the computer and synthesiser, Birgersson says he has been creating electronic music from the 80s operating from his high-tech station Studio Jupiter on the Swedish West Coast for the past 25 years.

Being an avid gamer, the musician has also composed a score for action-adventure video game "Mirror Edge" released in November 2008 for editions of XBox and Playstation.

Recording score for an action video game was very different from recording music for albums feels the musician.

"It was a very challenging project as the story for the game was foretold and music was to be based on that," says Birgersson.

His gig in the capital was accompanied by performance by alternative music company Audio Ashram, famous for promoting different styles of alternative electronic music.

Dressed up in white and decorating the venue with white lights and asking the audience to wear white, the musician says was a nice idea.

"We tried to make the gig as a multi-media performance, so it?s not just the music which is different but also the ambiance," says Nikhel Mahajan, one of the founders of Audio Ashram who performs by the name "Sattyananda".

Meanwhile, "Solar Fields" has 9 solo albums, 3 albums with French composer Aes Dana under the name H.U.V.A. Network and more than 50 compilations features for various labels.

Beginning as a teenager Birgersson performed with many bands before launching his own project. "Reflective Frequencies", his first album was released in 2001 followed by other hits, the latest being "Origin #01" released in 2010.

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