Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a strange turn of events, a cat interrupted Brazilian youngster Vinicius Junior’s pre-match press conference on Wednesday. The press conference was about Brazil’s FIFA World Cup campaign and their upcoming quarter-final encounter against Croatia.

As Vinicius was going through his media interaction, a cat jumped onto the table. Later on, the Brazil press officer grabbed the animal by its scruff of the neck and tossed it in front on the floor.

The star footballer was laughing to see the cat around for his press conference. However, he stopped smiling after the press official handled the situation in a not-so-polite manner.

Meanwhile, netizens were livid with the Brazil press officer’s way of handling the animal. Several animal lovers and football fans slammed the official linking his gesture to footballer Kurt Zouma. Zouma who was in the headlines recently after his brother posted a video of him kicking his pet which got the Aston Villa defender in trouble.

“Is he ok in his head? Why’s he grabbing the cat like that?????” wrote an animal lover fan.

Another fan slammed the official by commenting, “You can tell someone is trash by the way they treat poor animals.”

“Relax guys he didn’t throw him from the roof, and don’t compare this with what zouma did!” commented a netizen in a sarcastic manner.