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Special cocktails for special occasions

New Delhi: Want to be the perfect bartender this Diwali? Cocktails like Godfather, Green Devil and Jack and Sangria can ensure that your mixing skills don`t go unnoticed? These are not difficult to mix and also go very well with the spirit of the festival of lights, according to a manual on cocktails.

While Godfather is Scotch, Amaretto (Italian sweet almond-flavoured liqueur) and almond flakes; Green Devil is an emerald-hued cocktail of London dry gin, a mint-flavoured liqueur, lime juice, lime peel and fresh mint. Jack and Sangria is a version of the classic Spanish punch with potent Jack Daniel`s whisky and a dash of cola.

Other Diwali cocktails mentioned in the "The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails", by Westland, are B&B and Nutty Rummy.

With a uniquely Indian focus, the book, edited by Rayna Jhaveri and compiled by P Venkatesh, Vikram Achanta and Krishna Nagaraj of Tulleeho Inc, has information about the techniques and different styles of mixing drinks, including easy-to-follow cocktail recipes with accessible desi ingredients. Peppering the recipes are trivia, anecdotes and facts for the home bartending enthusiast or even the most serious social drinker.

According to the book, classic cocktails are made using a standard recipe with a specified base. "Just a popular jazz tune, these are cocktails that are widely known and well- loved." Contemporary cocktails are more modern and localised. "They could be innovated at the bar down the street, or right in your own kitchen." There are mixes for several occasions. Some cocktails one may try this Christmas are Brandy Alexander, Black Russian, Dream Cream and Irish Coffee.

The books says that the cocktail is the result of mastering of several techniques like stir, shake, blend, layer, build, float, rim, muddle, flame, dust, fine strain, frost or pre-chill, pre-heat and free pour.But the success to a perfect cocktail is mixing. "Understand your ingredients and try to imagine which ones will taste good when mixed," the book says.

The book also has some words of caution. "Letting a good thing go too far can do a great deal of damage ? potentially lethal, probably embarrassing ? to yourself and to others around you."

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