Sambalpur: A soft target for dubious companies

Sambalpur: This Western Odisha district is becoming a safe haven for dubious companies as they continue to trap gullible investors in their bait. Yet again, people here cry foul that two Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have allegedly duped them of their hard-earned money.

The two NBFCs – Sai Bless Solutions Limited and Basic Solutions Provider— run by husband-wife duo Nimai Charan Mohapatra and Bishnupriya Mohapatra have reportedly cheated on around 2,500 investors here.   

As per complainants, the duo amassed over Rs 34 crore from investors on assurance of higher payback. The con pair, initially, set up their shop in August 2010 under the banner of Sai Bless Solutions Limited. Encouraged by its overwhelming response, they opened another office as Basic Solutions Provider after a few months.

Notably, both the finance companies operated from Dhanupalli here.

To make quick money, the companies extended its horizon to other cities like—Jharsuguda, Bargarh, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Angul, Rourkela and Talcher.

The unsuspecting customers put in all their money hoping to meet their future requirements in times of need. However, all their expectations went up in smoke as these fraudulent companies disappeared overnight leaving the investors in despair.

Meanwhile, police have begun investigation into the matter and ascertain the whereabouts of the accused.

Such incidents are not isolated ones. A few months before, two fraudsters were arrested in Bolangir on charges of duping investors. The duo from Raipur were apprehended when they were about to sneak into an undisclosed location.