‘Rohit Bal’ comes in aid of street children

Kolkata: 12-year old Ishan was peddling drugs at Sealdah station till he was rescued and brought to Multi Rehabilitation NGO home near the city.

Ishan, Rafiq, Rubeya and about 15 other such children trooped into a mughal-era-themed outlet in the city run by an internationally known fashion designer as special guests in a unique collaboration.

"We will follow it up helping them with their co-curriculur activities in the home. Apart from visiting them in future, we will play a catalyst's role in helping them pursue their studies and other vocational activities. Mr Rohit Bal has decided to help these kids of Kolkata during this very significant phase in their lives," a spokesman of Veda, the Mughal-era themed-restaurant specializing in north-west frontier cuisine dating back to centuries, said.

Rafiq (name changed) who was hooked to the world of petty crimes by local satraps in Majherhat railyard area, was another child now studying in class seven.

This is the first time I am in such a restaurant. Had never imagined I will be allowed to in past. Dont want to remember those days, the boy, who remembers having been brought up in the shanty by a neighbourhood 'auntie' having no trace of his parents, said.

This is a unique initiative The Rohit Bal facility has promised to sustain us in different ways in future days.

And see the smiles on these childrens faces. They are proving their potential in different classes and also in vocational streams. We need more such support from different sectors, not merely from the government's side, a Mukti spokesperson said.