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Ramdevs illness due to probe into trusts transactions

New Delhi: Taking potshots at Ramdev, RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Saturday said that his illness was not due to fast but for "other reasons" like probe into financial transactions of his Trust.

Cautioning Ramdev against falling prey to the "designs of RSS and BJP, Prasad said if Ramdev wants to join politics he should do it as his own and not at their behest.

"Ramdev is not a Yogi or a Baba. He is a trainer. He was treating people of their ailments and that was fine. But he fell prey to the designs of RSS and Sangh Parivar, who have virtually destroyed him. I have sympathies for him. He hailed from a poor family.

"I want to tell him that RSS and Sangh Parivar have pushed him to the brink of ruin. He should now break his fast and re-start his yoga exercises for others. If he has to come in politics, he can come on his own. Why he is getting into into the machinations of RSS and BJP?" Prasad said.

While criticizing the government over police action at night in the Ramlila ground to evict Ramdev, Prasad ridiculed the manner in which the yoga guru tried to escape from the venue.

"He (Ramdev) claimed to teach Ashtang Yoga but what he did that night was Kudan Yoga (Jumping Yoga) after the police entered the camp. The monk got frightened. Why did he escape in a female dress?" Prasad said.

On blackmoney agitation, he said Ramdev was "no new incarnation to fight against black money" and investigation by the government will unearth how much of this kind money is involved in Ramdev`s Trust.

The RJD chief also attacked Centre for its handling of Anna Hazare and Ramdev issues saying it "erred" in both.

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