Raghab’s foray into Nazrulgeeti

Kolkata: Making his mark in the world of Nazrulgeeti, popular singer Raghab Chatterjee has recorded his first album on poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s songs for this Durga puja.

Talking about the album ‘Ebar Nazrul’, Raghab said. “I was initiated to Kazi Nazrul Islam’s songs from a very young age as I picked up nuances of classical music under the tutelage of my mother. And that remained with me.”

“I had often sung those numbers, which are very different with a classical base, and nursing the desire to record an album for past three years. Now it happened finally,” the ‘jhiri jhiri’ singer told PTI on Sunday evening after the launch of the album.

Asked if Nazrulgeeti was not getting its due place, Raghab said, “There had been lots of experimentation in Rabindra Sangeet and many albums were being brought out. I had also recorded a Rabindra Sangeet album three years back.”

“But, Nazrulgeeti, which demands a different texture, a different base and tonality was not much explored in that sense. We need to bring back listeners to songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam, whose compositions remain my alltime favourites,” the cricket World Cup chartbuster ‘De Ghumake’ (Bengali) singer said.

Affirming that for tracks like the popular Durdipobashini, he sought to give a new feel, he said, “I am not in favour of downloading and am against piracy of music. But Durdipobasini alreay is becoming caller tune of the young generation’s mobile. I have sought to impart a modern feel to the musical arrangement of the songs made possible by sarod player Pt Pratyush Banerjee.”

“The album comprises of nine classicals including ‘Shaono Raate Jodi’, ‘Khelichhe Jolodebi’, ‘Parodeshi Megh’, and some more,” Mahua Lahiri, Director Asha Audio Company said.