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Prolific writing emerging in young adult fiction

New Delhi:Young adult fiction is no more a clumsy attempt between juvenile chick-lit and over-mature kiddie books with prolific writing now emerging in this segment.

With publishers keen on bringing out well-written stuff in this category, young writers are nothing but excited.

When 19-year-old Trisha Ray is not attending her English classes at University, she reads sci-fi and fictions, watches action movies in which everyone dies in the end, and practices roundhouse kicks on a resigned brown cushion in a vain attempt to get back into prime karateka form.

In spite of her family being largely indulgent after coming to know about her plans to write a book, Trisha came out with her action-packed story about an ordinary girl-turned reluctant assassin "The Girls Behind the Gunfire".

"The need to express myself but still remaining private in some ways brought out the writer in me. The performance arts demand one`s physical presence to be showcased. But writing is a very, very solitary thing, and so it appealed to me more strongly," she says about her book, published by HarperCollins.

Though the narrative voice is in the first person in "The Girls Behind the Gunfire", Trisha says it is not the authorial voice.

"I would admire a girl like Riki but probably dislike her intensely at the same time. Abhi, the narrative voice, is tough. But she is also mean, unprincipled and self-indulgent in many ways," she says talking about the characters in the book.

Mumbai-based Shreya Mathur`s writing venture is more interesting.

The 15-year-old Shreya began to jot her feelings while cramming for her class X board exams and this collection of thoughts gave shape to "But Era Said", also published by HarperCollins.

Shreya`s book is about a schoolgirl who can accurately predict question papers and the twists and turns her life witnesses when people discover her unique ability.

"Damien Black: The Battle of Lost Ages" is a fantasy novel, inspired by stories from Greek mythology and written by 14-year-old Delhi schoolboy Kevin Solomon Missal.

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