Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

BJP National Vice-President Baijayant 'Jay' Panda on Thursday urged the party workers to work in unison to ensure victory of their candidates in the forthcoming Panchayat elections in Odisha.

Addressing a virtual rally under the chairmanship of Kendrapara district BJP President Kishore Panda, Baijayant said, “BJP has always given the country importance ahead of any individual. On that basis, candidates have been selected for the forthcoming polls. I urge all the party members to work together in order to ensure their victory which will be in the interest of Kendrapara, Odisha, country, party and all the workers.”

“BJP has emerged the largest political party in the globe due to this kind of thought by the party workers. All the workers, who toil hard for the party, get opportunity to work towards the development of the country in due course of time. With this kind of attitude, the party workers should approach the election,” said Baijayant.

The BJP national leader also urged the party workers to take advantage of the anti-incumbency factor against the ruling BJD in the State.

“BJD has been running the government in Odisha for the last 22 years and the anti-incumbency factor is against the ruling party. In the last several by-elections we have seen public ire against them. Though the ruling party has managed to win those elections by using muscle power, money power and misusing the administration, the vote share of BJP has increased. It reflects the underlying public support for BJP and the party workers should cash in on it,” said Baijayant.

“The image of the BJD has nosedived to an all time low with some of their Ministers having been involved in rape, murder and other illegal activities. People are very much aware of it and the BJP is protesting against all these illegal activities time and again. BJP workers should repeatedly make people aware about the misgovernance of the State government,” he said.

Baijayant also asked the party workers to make people aware how the State government is trying to hijack various schemes by the Union government.

“Odisha has received the highest ever allocation in the recent Railway budget. The Union government is also successful in providing pipe water connectivity to crores of people. The Narendra Modi government is also providing houses to people under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. However, the State government is trying to hijack all these schemes of the Union government. We should make people aware about this reality,” he said.