Over 2,000 drug tests conducted so far at Rio Olympics

Rio de Janeiro: More than 2,000 drug tests have been conducted on athletes competing at the Rio Olympics, International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) spokesman Mark Adams has said.

Adams gave out the information at a daily briefing at the Main Press Centre on Thursday, reports Xinhua.

But he didn’t answer whether there have been any positive results so far.

The Russian doping scandal has made the anti-doping program at these Games focus of attention. IOC announced earlier that up to 4500 urine tests and about 1000 blood tests will be done during the Games.

When asked if the IOC “regrets” awarding the Games to Rio, Adams said, “Absolutely not. This is the first Games in South America. This is really important to us.”

“With the problems they have here… with the economy, politics, it is really important for us to show this solidarity. I think we’ll look back on these Games as a really, really good thing for the Olympic Movement.”