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Oriya movie producer a conman!

Sambalpur: Close on the heels of Balasore multi-crore chit fund scam, an Oriya movie producer was arrested on Monday here on charges of duping people of lakhs of rupees as operator of online multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.

The Ollywood producer identified as Narsingh Lal Agarwal had produced a language cinema ‘Tote Bhala Pauchi Boli’ lately.

As per complaints, Agarwal ran franchisee of MLM companies assuring investors of high return. In a bid to instill confidence in the investors, the companies used to provide membership cards resembling plastic money cards.

Agarwal used to lure people to invest money in these dubious companies like ABC India, Forex Bazar and TVR Express.

Unaware of the fact that their hard earned money would go up in smoke, the entrapped investors pumped in money into the networking business.

One fine day, Agarwal stopped paying returns citing reasons that the companies have shut down their businesses.

Dejected by the turn out of events, the investors approached the local police station to register complaint against Agarwal.

“He lured us to invest money in the network marketing companies,” complainant Sujata Satpathy said.

Basing on the complaints, police arrested the movie producer from Ainthapali here.

However, Agarwal turned down all allegations leveled against him.

“I am not involved in any fraud. I do not know why police have arrested me,” accused said.

Meanwhile, preliminary investigations revealed the dubious companies were not only operating in Orissa but also have roots in Raipur and Mumbai also.

“We would seize the properties after thorough investigation,” Ainthapali OIC Pranakrushna Rout said.

It may be recalled here that actor-producer of Bollywood movie ‘Shadow’ Naseer Khan was arrested by Orissa Crime Branch in 2009 for his involvement in Balasore multi-crore chit fund scam. It was alleged that Naseer siphoned off huge money and pumped in to make the movie.

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