Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Panic gripped villagers of Pedawalada Jhankarkarli under Bandugaon of Koraput district after a bullock was killed allegedly by a tiger on Sunday. 

Though an official confirmation regarding the spotting of the tiger is still awaited, locals maintained that it was a tiger that killed the domesticed bullock of a man residing in the village. The fear has spread to the neighbouring villages as well. 

After receiving information, a team of the forest department reached the village to find out the veracity of the claims. After a preliminary investigation, the forest officials also suspected that the footprints (pugmarks) could be of a tiger, but for confirmation, they are carrying out the further probe. 

In the wake of this, the forest officials have instructed the villagers to be on high alert.

“The report is completely authentic. The bullock was attacked from behind and was killed. We have made arrangements for compensation. We suspect the killer to be a tiger. We will let you know after obtaining any image,” informed Akshay Kumar Padhi, Ranger, Narayanpatna.

Padhi added, “The forest department is on high alert to ensure protection of livestock, humans as well as the tiger, if any.”