Pradeep Pattanayak

Internationally acclaimed food and nutrition expert from Mysore Dr Khadar Vali, popular as the ‘Millet Man of India’, was in Bhubaneswar on Sunday to attend a programme. 

On this occasion, OTV had a tete-a-tete with Dr Vali who has been living on Millet for the last 25 years and yet is fit and fine. He has appealed to the people to switch over to millet-meal to lead a disease-free life. Here are the excerpts:

OTV: It is heard that you have been eating Millets and nothing else for last 25 years. Is it true? 

Dr Vali: It is true. I have been taking Millets. I can say from my experience that having these grains alone would never cause any health problem. You can maintain your health and keep diseases at bay. 

OTV: At a time when yoga and diet plan are being emphasized for good health, you are advocating for only Millet consumption and that it will provide all nutrients. Is this possible? 

Dr Vali: I am not saying that one shouldn’t eat fruits and vegetables. But they should be grown organically. But Millet is something which can fulfill the food requirement in a sustainable way. It has all vitamins, nutrition and healing properties.

It is a gift from the God. After extensive scientific study and research, I have come to this point. Patients suffering from modern lifestyle-related diseases have been given a new lease of life through the prescribed consumption of five types of Millet.  

You are eating chicken and meat. What you need to do is slowly switch over to Millets and you can live a disease-free life. Whatever diseases you may have like Diabetes, Cancer, Muscular Dystrophy, Thyroid, Fibroid etc, you can cure it yourselves within six months to two years by only eating the five types of Millet.


(OTV reporter Chandan Paikray caught up with Dr Khadar Vali)