Vikash Sharma

Allegations pertaining to medical negligence are not new. However, concerns are now being expressed over such ‘carelessness’ that has every possibility of putting one’s life in acute danger. In one such instance of carelessness, a minor boy was allegedly administered anti-rabies vaccine instead of Tetanus vaccine, also known as tetanus toxoid (TT).

Such goof-up was reported from Nilagiri sub-divisional hospital in Balasore district on Friday. Palpable tension prevailed at the hospital after the matter came to light.

As per initial reports, the minor from Chotakanpur area in Nilagiri had suffered a wound on his fingers. Later, the doctor had advised to take TT injection. Unknowingly, a lady pharmacist allegedly administered anti-rabies vaccine instead of the TT injection.

“My son got hurt while using a blade last night. Today, we came to the hospital and doctor had advised some injection. However, the lady pharmacist administered an anti-rabies vaccine,” alleged Ganesh Sethi, father of the boy.

Though the condition of the boy is said to be stable, the goof-up sparked tension at the hospital for quite some time.

The local residents demanded action against the lady pharmacist. However, pediatricians say that there will be no adverse effects of the injection.

“The vaccine has been given as a preventive dose and there is no harm. As the boy was standing in the queue with others who had come for the anti-rabies vaccine, it was done accidentally. However, there is no harm in it,” said doctor Rajendra Singh.

(Reported by Biswambar Das)