Cassian Baliarsingh

While the mystery behind the death case of Gobinda Sahu is yet to be resolved, the Crime Branch not handing over the last letter of Sahu to his daughter has now deepened the mystery surrounding the entire case.

Gobinda Sahu, the prime accused in the sensational lady teacher Mamita Meher murder case, had reportedly written a letter to his daughter Lipika Sahu before his death and it is now with the Crime Branch.

Meanwhile, an exclusive audio conversation between Lipika and CB officials has been found by OTV. In the exclusive audio clip, Lipika can be heard requesting the CB officials to hand her over her father’s last letter. 

However, the officials deny to hand it over to her and claim that the letter has been sealed and they don't have the authority to open it.

“As it is the last letter of my father and he had written it to me, I should be given that letter,” says Lipika.

In reply, the officials say, “There is no chance that we can open it. The letter will be handed over to the scientific team. Please give us some previous letter or some handwriting of your father. We will see if the handwriting matches with this letter. We will send this to the handwriting bureau.”

Lipika can be again heard saying that she has the rights to read the letter or at least know the content of the letter. However, despite repeated requests, the officials deny to open the letter as the case is under investigation and it might lead to tampering with the proof.

Experts are of the opinion that even if the CB officials did not give the letter to her daughter, they can rightfully let her know the content of the letter or give a Xerox copy.

However, the alleged efforts of the Crime Branch to hide the letter have raised eyebrows.

Notably, before his death, Sahu had written a letter to Lipika. However, she has not received the letter as yet and CB is tight-lipped whether the letter contains any details about his death or is a simple letter to his daughter.

On the other hand, the sudden visit of the Crime Branch to Gobinda Sahu’s family regarding the handwriting has further added to the mystery. Moreover, Gobinda Sahu’s family members have brought murder allegations, giving rise to political slugfest.

The BJP has demanded a CBI inquiry in this connection while the Congress has demanded an inquiry either by the CBI or by a High Court-monitored Special Investigation Team.


(Reported by Manoranjan Mishra)