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Now, ride your suitcase to airport

London: Forget booking a taxi. Now, you can ride your luggage to the airport, thanks to a new "scooter suitcase" designed by researchers at a British firm.

The micro-luggage case has an in-built scooter so travellers can ride their case to the airport gate after dropping up to 20 kilogrammes of luggage off at the check-in counter, say its designers.

The new 250 pounds bag consists of a 26-litre case and a lean-and-steer scooter. The case can be detached from the scooter and wheeled around in the same way as an ordinary suitcase, the `Daily Mail` reported.

A spokesman for Micro Scooters UK, the company which has designed the scooter suitcase, said: Not only is it a healthier option to a car, it`s a great way of reducing your carbon footprint."

Regular flier Dave Gardner, 35, said the new case would be a big help when he is at the airport. "I`ve missed flights because my taxi has been delayed," he said.

He added: "It`s left me running across the terminal with luggage that won`t roll straight and turning up red faced to a closed gate. If I could whizz across the terminal it might save me a lot on re-booking business flights.

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