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Now, a one-minute test to measure IVF chances

London: British scientists claim to have developed a one-minute test which will tell couples their chances of conceiving a baby through IVF.

A team from Universities of Glasgow and Bristol has, in fact, created a free online programme, which can provide a 99 per cent accurate prediction of the success of IVF and thus help couples decide whether to try the treatment.

The online calculator, `www.ivfpredict.com`, which calculates the odds of successful itreatments from the answers to nine questions, will soon be available for download as a mobile phone app, the scientists said.

The team analysed the details of more than 144,000 IVF cycles to produce a statistical model that can give a highly accurate prediction of live birth.

"Treatment-specific factors can be used to provide infertile couples with a very accurate assessment of their chance of a successful outcome following IVF," `The Daily Telegraph`  quoted Scott Nelson of the University of Glasgow, who led the research, as saying.

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