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Nostalgic Advani misses Vajpayee

Chhindwara (MP): Leading the sixth yatra of his political career, BJP leader L K Advani on Sunday turned nostalgic saying he was missing the guidance of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee this time.

"A lot of people asked me what is the difference between the first five yatras and this Jan Chetna Yatra. Those who ask have may be the subject or the objective of this yatra (in their mind). But I believe for me, the difference is of a basic nature which pains me," Advani said while addressing a rally. "The basic difference is that my entire political career was spent working with Vajpayee. He was my senior colleague, my guide, my leader and my Prime Minister when we formed the government. This is the first yatra where I don`t have his guidance," he said.

Advani said before commencing on his yatra he went to Vajpayee and got his blessing, but added that, "the kind of guidance I got from him during all my past yatras is missing this time."

The BJP leader in his speech warned the Congress that it should not underestimate the anger of the people. He said that in 1977 when there was public anger the Congress drew a blank in the states of UP, Bihar, Delhi and Haryana.

Advani further mocked the Congress saying that it "had a reason to complain in Madhya Pradesh where the party did manage to win one seat or else the record of Congress (defeat) would have become even better. That one seat was Chhindwara," Advani told the crowd. Due to the prevailing corruption, "the anger in the country at present is similar to the anger that was seen in 1977", he said.

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